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Diabetes is often considered to be a lifestyle problem and in fact it is so. However, this ailment is also genetic and occurs in people who have a family history of diabetes. Allopathic medicines are only able to reduce the blood sugar level but they have no cure for this ailment. On the other hand Ayurveda is a holistic science and it can cure diabetes completely if your take the right medicines and follow the proper diet and exercise routine that the ayurvedic doctor prescribes. Diabetes.
Diabetes mellitus as it is known is a condition when the pancreas in the body either produce less than the normal amount of insulin or the body develops insulin resistance. This in turn leads to the abnormal metabolizing of carbohydrates and causes the blood sugar level to rise. Millions of people across the world are suffering from diabetes. It is difficult to manage diabetes but not impossible and with the help of Ayurveda it is even easier because the ayurvedic medicines work on the entire system to ensure that the pancreas produces the right amount of insulin and the body is able to utilize it properly.
Let us look at some ayurvedic medicines which can help in managing and curing this disease. These medicines are also available over the counter, but it is advisable to take them under the guidance of a qualified ayurvedic doctor.

Tab Mehavita

This is a concoction of few ayurvedic herbs which act as an immune modulator and reduces the risk of complications in diabetics. Anyone who has diabetes knows that high blood sugar levels lead to many kinds of complications from infections that are hard to heal or even heart trouble. This medicine also reduces the risk of infection.

Tab Diabnutri

This herbal medicine activates the beta cells and helps to improve the functioning of the pancreas in secreting insulin. It also ensures that the body responds in the proper manner to the insulin and in this way, it acts in two ways to control the ailment.

Tab Genliv


This ayurvedic tablet not just improves the functioning of the liver but also improves the metabolic rate of the human body. An increase in the metabolic rate of the body ensures that the excessive sugar in the blood is digested and metabolized properly. Hence it indirectly helps in the reduction of blood sugar levels.

Living drops

This is a generic medicine that works on various levels in the body. It reduces the complications arising due to diabetes. It increases the HDL levels and testosterone levels which improve the secretion of DHEA which is a youth hormone. It is anti-aging in nature and helps in the better functioning of the heart, kidneys, eyes, and liver.
Hence you can see that ayurvedic medicines are holistic in nature and they treat the body as a whole. This is because all the systems of the body are interconnected and the treatment of anyone ailment cannot be done effectively by separating one organ or system of the body. The treatment of ailments like diabetes involves the treatment of the whole body right from increasing the metabolism to increasing the secretion of insulin and the body’s proper response to it.
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