Get well with stress treatment in Ayurveda the holistic way

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Stress has taken the form of an ailment in modern society. People who have excessive stress end up with ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. going further in life. At the same time, if you have stress then you may also experience difficulty in sleeping, concentration problems, anxiety etc. This is the reason that it is necessary to get treatment for stress in the initial stages itself. If left untreated, this ailment will cause havoc in your life.

There is no safe and permanent treatment for stress in the allopathic system of medicine. This is the reason why nowadays people are turning towards stress treatment in Ayurveda which is a holistic treatment for many ailments. There are three aspects to treatment of these ailment in Ayurveda:

Samshamana – To pacify, means bring proper balance of the three doshas and three gunas.

Samshodhana – To detoxify means removal of the ama or toxins from the body

Rasayana – To revitalize means strengthen the weak systems and  prevent the recurrence of the ailment in future.

There are some herbal medicines in Ayurveda which are great at treating mental problems like stress and anxiety. They also improve the efficacy of the brain. These herbs are a great option for stress Ayurveda treatment.

Tab Arjun

This tablet is known to have properties that protect the heart from damage. It is anti-ischemic in nature and reduces high blood pressure and is very helpful if you have cardiac problems. It lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and improves the circulation of the blood in the heart and tones the muscles of the heart. It is a diuretic and reduces the risk to the coronary arteries. In other words, this herb is very effective in managing cardiac problems.

Tab Ashwagandha

This herb is well known for the anti-stress properties and adaptogenic properties. It is also an aphrodisiac and increases the physical endurance and helps the individual to handle the distressing symptoms of mental stress. This is the reason that it is widely used in stress treatment in Ayurveda.

Tab Bhramhi

This herbal medicine is known for ages for its ability to increase concentration, improve memory and relax the mind. The herb also increases cognitive ability and is an anxiolytic. It is excellent for the relaxation of the mind, concentration, and memory enhancement.

Tab Pomegranvita

Pomegranate is a very powerful anti-oxidant and protects the body from free radicals in the body. This fruit not only prevents premature aging, but also is effective in the treatment of cancer. Free radicals are formed during the normal metabolic process of the body. However the level of these free radicals is very high in people who are obese, smokers and living under stress. This fruit is therefore widely used for stress Ayurveda treatment.

As mentioned Ayurveda is a holistic system of treatment and hence along with these herbal medicines also prescribes a diet which is pure and natural. Ayurvedic doctors also prescribe yoga, meditation especially pranayama which reduces the stress levels in the body. These methods are highly effective in the treatment of stress and that is why more and more people are turning towards stress treatment in Ayurveda.

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