You can reverse diabetes with the holistic system of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that originated in India around 5000 years ago. This system of medicine is useful in curing so-called incurable diseases like diabetes. Diabetes Ayurveda medicines include Genliv which is a supplement that increases the metabolism rate and makes the liver function better. Then there are the medicines made from herbs and minerals like Diabnutri, Mehavita and living drops.

Capsule Diabnutri – activates the beta cells and improves the function of the pancreas in producing sufficient amounts of insulin.

Tablet Mehavita – this medicine acts as an immunomodulator and reduces the risk of complications and infections in diabetes.

Capsule Livingdrops – It reduces the complications that can arise in diabetes mellitus. It increases the levels of HDL, testosterone, and improves the secretion of DHEA which is the youth hormone. It not only acts as an anti-aging medicine but also improves the function of the heart, liver, kidneys, and eyes.

Holistic treatment of diabetes

Apart from these medicines diabetes Ayurveda treatment includes a lot of changes in lifestyle and diet. Ayurvedic doctors advise diabetes patients to indulge in some form of exercise, like brisk walking, cycling, etc. At the same time, a lot of changes in diet are required. For instance, People suffering from diabetes should not intake any form of sugar including jaggery and honey.

Apart for sugars, they should also avoid eating juicy fruits which contain a sugar called fructose. They should also stay away from packaged snacks and bakery products. Among vegetables, the vegetables with high sugar content like potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, green peas, and carrots should be avoided completely.

At the same time, diabetics should not intake red meat or deep-fried food of any kind. Apart from cutting down on carbohydrates, they should also avoid unhealthy fats. Wheat flour should be used sparingly or completely avoided. Ayurveda suggests that diabetes patients should eat rotis or chappatis made from multi grain flour instead of wheat flour. They should also avoid rice which has a high content of starch and if they eat rice then the starch should be drained from it. It is better that diabetics eat brown rice.

The foods recommended by Ayurveda for diabetics

Diabetes patients are advised to eat lot of fresh vegetables apart from the ones mentioned above. They should also eat more of salads, along with natural unroasted and sugarless dry fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, and apricot. These dry fruits are full of proteins and fiber which are good not only for diabetes but should be included in the diet of normal people also. They are also advised to avoid chilled water and instead they should drink warm water throughout the day. It is also advisable to eat dinner at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.

Lifestyle changes

The treatment of diabetes in Ayurveda considers the whole body as a unit and the treatment is done accordingly. The changes in lifestyle apart from regular exercise also includes maintaining body weight properly, avoiding late nights and sleeping in the day time. They should also avoid stress and maintain a positive frame of mind. If the diabetes patients follow these methods they can get rid of diabetes completely.

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